If she loved him she

  ”Excellent!” I said, and I took her arm and placed it through mine. Janet and Ellen walked behind, and they sniggered a good deal.

  ”Just fancy the mester noo!” said Janet, “linkit wi’ Maggie! He’ll hae to marry her noo, Ellen!” And poor Margaret became very red and began to talk at a great rate.

  ”G’wa, Jan,” I heard Ellen say, “he’s far ower auld. Maggie’s only twenty next month, and he’s—he could be her faither.”

  ”He’s no very auld, Ellen; !”

  ”Aw wudna like a man wi’ a mootache, Jan; Liz Macqueen says that she gave up Jock Wilson cos his mootache was ower kittly.”

  ”Weel, she was tellin’ a big lee,” . ” wud ha’ telt him to shave it off.”