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  ”Excellent!” I said, and I took her arm and placed it through mine. Janet and Ellen walked behind, and they sniggered a good deal.

  ”Just fancy the mester noo!” said Janet, “linkit wi’ Maggie! He’ll hae to marry her noo, Ellen!” And poor Margaret became very red and began to talk at a great rate.

  ”G’wa, Jan,” I heard Ellen say, “he’s far ower auld. Maggie’s only twenty next month, and he’s—he could be her faither.”

  ”He’s no very auld, Ellen; !”

  ”Aw wudna like a man wi’ a mootache, Jan; Liz Macqueen says that she gave up Jock Wilson cos his mootache was ower kittly.”

  ”Weel, she was tellin’ a big lee,” . ” wud ha’ telt him to shave it off.”

the overall macro situation

One is to standardize the management of ppp project library. A notice on regulating the management of the project database of the government and social capital cooperation (ppp) integrated information platform (financial office [2017] no. 92) was issued to unify the standards for the storage of new projects, focus on cleaning up “zombie” projects and illegal projects, and curb the widespread abuse. A total of 2,148 projects, involving an investment of 2.5 trillion yuan, have been liquidated. Second, standardize the investment and financing behavior of state-owned financial enterprises. A notice on regulating the investment and financing behavior of financial enterprises to local governments and state-owned enterprises (caijing [2018] no. 23) was issued to standardize the participation of state-owned financial enterprises in ppp project financing behavior, and ensure the project capital source is legal and compliant. Third, we need to keep the red line of fiscal sustainability. We will analyze the fiscal capacity of ppp projects across the country and launch the monitoring and warning system for the fiscal expenditure responsibility of ppp projects. Fourth, improve the supporting system. In conjunction with the drafting of ppp regulations and the formulation of ppp tax policies, the ministry of culture and tourism jointly issued the guidelines for the promotion of ppp mode in the tourism sector, and studied and revised the ppp operation guidelines, the evaluation guidelines for value for money and the demonstration guidelines for financial affordability. Fifth, we will strengthen demonstration and guidance. Jointly with 18 ministries and commissions, the fourth batch of 396 ppp demonstration projects involving an investment of 758.8 billion yuan were launched. The general office of the state council has offered praise and incentives to the 27 cities and counties jointly with the development and reform commission in selecting 27 cities and counties for the promotion of ppp in 2017. Sixth, promote international cooperation. We will use multilateral mechanisms such as ApEC, the brics, the world bank, the adb and the aiib to advance ppp international exchange and cooperation and serve the One Belt And One Road development.

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By the end of July 2018, there were 7,867 accumulative warehousing projects and 11.8 trillion yuan of investment in the national ppp comprehensive information platform project base. Among them, 3,812 contracted projects, 6.1 trillion yuan of investment, 1,762 started projects and 2.5 trillion yuan of investment have been signed.

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Recently, in order to better promote the development of the real economy, the executive meetings of the state council and other meetings frequently mentioned the coordination and cooperation of the financial, financial and development and reform departments. The state council gave “reassurance” to the three issues most concerned by the market, further strengthening the market’s stability expectations.

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Liu zhe, vice president of the wanbo new economic research institute, told securities daily that the lagging impact of deleveraging is beginning to emerge, that short-term stabilization policies are more urgent, and that there is less room for monetary policies to regulate. In the short term, fiscal policies should be properly implemented and infrastructure construction shortfalls should be adjusted to cope with changes in the external environment and the delayed impact of deleveraging, with faster results. In the long run, deepening supply-side structural reform, relaxing the administrative control of the product market, promoting the market-oriented allocation of factors, and stimulating microeconomic vitality through tax reduction and fee reduction are fundamental measures to enhance the resilience and potential of China’s economic growth.

The executive meeting of the state council, held on July 23, called for coordinated efforts of fiscal and financial policies to better serve the real economy and.