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Love affair, be in a daze, random… Whether too many people, or too commercial, lijiang, still to go. Here so-called lijiang, in fact, dayan ancient town, but called lijiang ancient city seems to listen to more. The streets of the old town, the roads of the old town, the old houses of the old town, have disappeared into a tumult. Only in the early morning or midnight, can find a hint of ancient town charm.

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Beam river ancient town: indulge in languid and lazy time

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To the north of lijiang old town, the east of zhongji sea, you can see a cluster of villages at the foot of both sides of the mountain. This is the ancient town of zaohe, known as the town of qingquan. The river is no longer strictly pure ancient town, as it has bars, inns and shops that cater to the needs of tourists. Still, the town remains attractive. Many people say that if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of lijiang, then come to the river. Yes, the river, lazy quiet time, people infatuated.Evolocumab vs ezetimibe

Dali double gallery: pure and beautiful fishing village beside erhai lake

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Two corridors are located on the east bank of erhai lake, facing erhai lake and overlooking the cangshan mountain. During the reign of emperor xianfeng in the qing dynasty, people thought that the two beautiful islands near the two corridors — yuji island and xiaojinsuo island were like a pair of mandarin ducks, which separated the erhai sea from a natural harbor. Therefore, “shuanlong corridor” was changed into “shuanlong corridor”.

Dali xizhou: one of the ancient cities of nanzhao