On deciding to do something


Several days ago, I made a decision to get the driver’s license. I used to be afraid of learning to drive and was filled with fear. On the other hand, there are so many people learning it every day. Waiting for your turn needs a long time, during this process reenex, you need to be patient.

However, I decide to overcome my fear to get the license with my courage and encouragement. What’s more, my family supports my idea. When I told my friends that I were willing to learn to drive, some of them who didn’t learn to drive hesitated to learn it. When they said something that few friends gave up, it didn’t worry me reenex.

In order to learn a new skill, we should spend more time on it. At times something will disturb your schedule but if you can have a strong and will heart, you can stick to it. On deciding to do something, you should pay much attention to it reenex.

Besides spending money on the thing, I need to set a time plan to make sure that my plan can go on well. I hope to finish this plan in about three months. I’m not quick in and good at learning how to operate the machine. It seems that I should put in more effort in this thing dermes.

While learning in the process, I will write down the feelings and some matters happening in school.